Heat Transfer System

This winter we have seen a growing popularity in the use of fireplaces and gas heaters. However, as a natural source of heat, a widespread complaint is the inability to control its distribution.
Always hot air trapped in a room and rises to the ceiling, creating a pocket that accumulates unnecessary heat. It often gets too hot and the fire runs, but without it too cold.

Mechanical ventilation provides fresh air, circulating air through your home through the use of pipes and fans, luxury controls the source, quality and distribution of air. This ventilation is often used to absorb odours and steam from hoods in the bathroom, laundry and kitchen, and to recirculate freshly filtered air.

Commercial and industrial ventilation is also suitable for apartment buildings, underground parking lots and even high-density areas such as diesel pumping stations and waste disposal areas. Call Air Care Solutions today to find out if the mechanical ventilation system is right for you!

The easy-to-use control system is always installed on a convenient part of the wall of the house, so you never have to worry about losing the remote control. This control system is fully programmable for 7 days of clock, fan speed adjustment and area operation.

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